Saturday, February 18, 2012

Helpful sites for Project 2

Hey everyone! It's Robert Goodwin from Web Design II. First of all, thank you so much Karen Blakley for giving us a place to post and share information.

The websites I believe are extremely helpful for Project 2 this quarter are - - It is a site that shows pictures of flexible layouts and people can vote on them. On the bottom right corner, you can arrange by popularity. You can click on the website to go to it and then adjust the size of the window to see for yourself how they implement different sizing. It's incredibly useful to be able to visualize how you want it to look from large to small... so this site is awesome.

Less Framework - This site gives you coding to be able to use for flexible layouts in a customizable manner, the code is hosted on github which is a great repository to find coding anything from java to html.

Golden Grid System - Golden Grid System gives you a flexible layout by using a mixture of java script and html, it's a bit complex - even I don't understand the full workings of it... but I figure it could help someone out to look it over or even use it!

Webmonkey 'Adaptive Images' - This article explains the need for "adaptive images" and links to a java script code that you can use to implement on your site! It'd help with the bandwidth usage which is extremely important in our restrictive and data-capping internet in the mobile world today.

Anyways, I hope this helps everyone gain some insight and maybe you'll even use some coding from the resources I linked you to, I hope so!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Quick Portfolio Sites

If you need to put together a portfolio quickly here are a few template-based portfolio sites:


Lots of tips, code samples, tutorials on CSS.
A popular web community site curated by web guru Chris Coyier.